10 Tips for women to ensure safety at a Nightclub


WED 26 APR 2017


Dance – an art form that has evolved through the years from constituting a crucial part of sacred rituals and ceremonies to being one of the most prominent ways of self-expression and catharsis. The rise of disco in the early 1970s led to dance music becoming popular with the public, and slowly gained momentum, being played across nightclubs, radio stations and public concerts. The onset of Dance Music Culture allowed for free expression with zero inhibitions, within the confines of a nightclub.

Fast forward to the 21st century, where club culture has become characteristic to every gregarious person – both young and old. The dawn of technology has not only brought forth a plethora of varied music to choose from, but has also influenced these very individuals to be more critical and demanding of the nightclubs they visit. Club owners now attribute the success of their venues to the music they cater to, as this is what drives their revenue.

The clubbing culture in India has seen a huge boom over the past decade with Bangalore being amongst the frontrunners of harboring quality music – be it electronic, blues, jazz, rock n roll, indie and let’s not forget, our ever famous Bollywood.

However, along with the steady increase of music aficionados and with the sheer nature of dance-floor revelry, one must also be mindful of the security available at these clubs. Statistics obtained from “The Night-Life Project” (UK) for example, show that 63% of violent crime occurs on weekend nights and 70% of all violent crime occurs between the hours of 9pm and 3am.

There have been far too many incidents of violence and crimes against women in nightclubs in spite of efforts made to spruce up security. We at Clubbers find it imperative to ensure the safety of every individual visiting the nightclubs we support, and thought it the best time to give our 2 cents on ways to avoid being a victim of such heinous crimes. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that can be kept in mind.

Here are 10 tips on  how to ensure your safety at a night club/concert :

  • You own your drinks: Always ensure that you are present at the bar when your drink is being poured, whether a mocktail or a cocktail, and keep an eye on your glass to see that it isn’t mixed with any soluble drugs. The ever common date rape drug is widely known for claiming many victims of violence. That being said, DrinkSavvy has come up with with a new range of glassware that can detect if a drink is spiked with common date-rape drugs like ketamine, Rohypnol and GHB”

  • Mind your glass: Never leave your glass unattended. If you are forced to leave it behind thanks to nature’s dear call, be sure to leave it with a trusted friend. It only takes a second for someone with an ulterior motive to spike it.

  • Use your hands if you need to: In extremely crowded situations, cover your drink with the palm of your hand or a napkin

  • Let your friends know:  If you travel by taxi alone, be sure to share your tracking status with at least 2 or 3 close buddies, and always ensure you double-check your taxi door to see that it isn’t child locked.

  • Bouncers are the good guys: Know where to get help if you need it. Bouncers and security staff can help if you are having issues with someone's behaviour and usually very attentive.

  • ID always: It is always best to carry identity proof, along with your home address and emergency contact numbers in your wallet.

    Keep a tab, remember to collect your card : Something that happens all too often. Keeping a tab is great for ensuring quick service at the bar, but don’t forget to ask for it once the tab is cleared. The most common way of losing your debit card!

  • Keep an eye out : Usually, when an over enthusiastic admirer tries to get too close, he is usually assisted by a friend of his. It is prudent to keep a watch and when you do get uncomfortable, a polite and vocal  “don’t get too close” would be enough to dissuade them.

  • Wait for your ride: Always wait for your ride within the confines of the club, even if it takes time. Not only is this safer after a hard night of partying but stops awkward looks from passers-by.  

  • Pepper Spray, your last resort: In a worst case scenario , when all else fails carrying simple and inexpensive pepper spray might actually turn out to be a very smart move. Especially if last years NYE was anything to go by.  

Keeping your guard up does suck sometimes as you might get a feeling that you are paranoid, but in this day and age being alert and ready for any kind of situation is probably the right thing to do!

By Clubbers Team