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FRI 07 APR 2017


In the past few years, India has witnessed astronomical growth in the music , entertainment and nightlife industry , spurred on of course by the digital revolution the country is now a part of. Globalisation has left an indelible mark on a sector, that for a long time was never able to achieve the mind boggling potential that it now has before it. The upsurge of electronic music, homegrown talents of international repute, fearless artists and a massive young population are responsible for catalyzing the paradigm shift that the industry is now experiencing. Mr.Riyaaz Amlani , President of the National Restaurant Association of India was quoted as saying “ The Contribution of the Nightlife industry also known as PBCLs (Pubs, Bar Cafes, and Lounges) to the nation’s GDP and employment has largely gone unrecognized. Currently there are over 6200 licensed bar premises, contributing over 11,500 crores to the Indian economy growing at an astonishing CAGR of 20% making it the fastest growing Industry in the country outperforming the Indian IT Industry and beating GDP growth rates 3x employing over 20 Lakh people”.

As Astonishing as it sounds, Mr.Amlani also goes on to say “ The Nightlife business is also the fastest growing segment in the overall foodservices space, growing twice as fast as QSRs and Casual Dining segments. The time has come for the Nightlife industry to be recognized as an independent booming Industry of its own.”

We can safely say, ‘that’s our cue’ !

Enter Clubbers - India’s first fully integrated digital platform that connects party-goers, socialites and anyone else who wants a break from the norm and the daily pressures of life ; directly and transparently to a plethora of events , parties , festivals and gigs.

Having set up shop in the late summer of August, 2015  in the startup capital of India - Bangalore,  the company was formed to fill the glaring absence of a specialized service primed at serving customers who want a hassle-free, easy and seamless experience. Gone are the days when you had to wait in long queues  or call up that friend of a friend for a guest list. You also don’t need to haggle about prices for entry tickets  with the promoter or the bouncer at the door.

That’s not all, Clubbers also serves as a conduit for promoters, venues and event organizers to reach the right kind of clientele suited to their areas of interest. We do this by combining all the factors that make up a successful gig into one, singular, time-bound framework. This is why many of India’s foremost promoters like Slick (Mumbai) , Gently Altered (Mumbai) , Limn Entertainment (Delhi) , Binary Projekt (Goa) , Musifix (Hyderabad) , Sound Simplify/F-Production(Hyderabad) , Bhavishyavani (Mumbai) , Offbeat (Kolkata) have signed onto our platform already!

Clubbers also takes care of social media posts, user data management , event invites, event reminders, ticketing along with after sales analysis and support under one umbrella. By integrating all the activities under one roof, the whole back-end process of hosting a gig is taken care of and the client can wholly  and solely concentrate on generating mileage and traction for his/her event. This is the case for artists who don’t have the hassle of promoting on all social media platforms nor does he have the trouble of ticketing and guestlist requests as is often the case.

The artist  can instead use his/her time more constructively and focus on music and other aspects of curating the night. In only our first year, some of the stalwarts of the Indian electronic music industry have signed on such as DJ Ivan (Bangalore), Tuhin Mehta (Bangalore/Chennai) , Rohan Kapoor (Bangalore),  Audio Units (Bangalore) , Priya Sen (Mumbai) , Midnight Traffic (Hyderabad) ,  Sequel (Mumbai) DJ Nitin (Goa/Bangalore) to name a few.

Here are some testimonials from our most frequent and happy users:

It’s basically taken away the headache of me having to put together my guestlist. Its done now by you so I can worry about playing the music and you can do the guestlist and give it to me and the people can just come to the party. - DJ Ivan

Clubbers as a platform has been phenomenally advantageous and convenient for me both as an artist and a curator. It’s a hassle free way to manage guest lists since they are updated real time, it also gives us enough lead time to know the status of our attendees before the gig, giving us ample time for further promotions. It’s also a very useful tool for analytic and behaviour of a city’s nightlife. - Audio Units

Clubbers has been for me a no nonsense thing, like say for me to sort out my guestlist and its like just send out one link and everyone is signing up on the guestlist from there just before the gig. I get the compiled guestlist which makes things really easy. - DJ Tuhin Mehta

This syncopation between the client and the customer is what makes Clubbers what it is today. We can also proudly say that the proof is in the pudding as we managed one of the largest publicly  guestlisted events in the Indian electronic music scene so far with sLick! for the first edition of the Amsterdam Dance Event in India with 1320 people, which is by no means a small feat!

Along with the website which has over 65,000 registered users to date, late last year Clubbers also launched as a mobile application on smartphones, catering to both Android as well and Apple devices with over 4,500 active users, making it even easier for you to visit your favorite gig. Whether it is the Playboy Beer Garden in Pune, Cafe Mambo in Goa or Koramangala Social in Bangalore, your favourite party is just a tap away.

The sky's the limit for clubbers, and we are just getting started !

By Clubbers Team