Six Clubs in Bangalore that YOU must visit


MON 17 APR 2017


Bangalore and its fun-loving citizens have always embraced music, art and culture as a way of life. The city has grown leaps and bounds since the early days of clubbing in the late 80’s and early 90’s when venues such as Spinn, Club X and Fuga were the bastions of early-club culture and showcased what it meant to really let your hair down. Stories such as parties getting shut in the wee hours of a Monday morning along with the crowd being served breakfast  are all too familiar , and is now a part of urban legend. Over the years as the demographic in this dynamic metropolitan city has seen an unprecedented rise, here’s our take on the five go-to nightclubs the city has to offer.

Blue Frog

Blue Frog is a venue that needs no introduction. A brand that has stood for the propagation of music in it’s many shapes and forms, Blue Frog generated a massive buzz when they threw open their doors a few years ago. A professionally designed performance space, with a tight sound system and a great visual setup, the club has hosted DJs such as Yotto (Anjunadeep) , Konstantin (Giegling), Hang Massive, Drumcell, Marco Bailey and Lane 8 (Anjunadeep) to name a few. The club has also hosted bands such as Indian Ocean, Swarathma and the Raghu Dixit project. Coupled with a huge food and beverage menu that will set tongues wagging and mouths drooling, it is no wonder why the club has gained widespread popularity and appeal to musicholics - old and young.

One of the few venues that can boast of an outdoor seating area, an indoor dance floor as well as a chill-out lounge on the 1st floor, this club is a must visit for quality music and a smashing vibe.  


If exclusivity, privacy and luxury are adjectives that really float your boat then look no further than Sanctum - the playground of Bangalore’s elite. The club is housed in the Chancery Hotel, one of the city's most recognisable landmarks. Almost five years old, Sanctum has still managed to maintain the sheen and style that catapulted it to the forefront of clubbing in the garden city. DJs such as Andreas Henneberg (Cascandy), Tigerskin (Rotary Cocktail), Ash Roy (Soup herb), Tuhin Mehta (Submerge), DJ Ivan, Ma Faiza, Ayesha Pramanik are just a few names to have graced the console.

So if you’re looking at rubbing shoulders with celebrities and living the high life, this is a club you best not miss. And yes, their cocktails are absolutely phenomenal!

Sugar Factory

It’s not often that you come across a venue that has a bit of everything. The Sugar Factory at the Le Meridian Hotel in Bangalore is certainly one of those. A club that boasts of a huge dance floor space, a banging sound system and a top-of-the-line lights set-up is not one to be left out. From Hip - Hop to Bollywood , Psytrance to commercial electronic dance music, Sugar Factory plays host to some of the most sold-out gigs on a regular weekend. Some of the notable names to have played here include DJ Nash, Answer, DJ Jasmeet, Bombay Rockers, DJ Clement and DJ Rohan Kapoor.

That’s not all, this super-club also boasts of an outdoor pool area and plays host to some wicked pool parties. Probably the best way to beat the summer heat we would say? RSVP for the coming weekend right now!

Loft 38

Imposing, alluring and quite left-field, Loft 38, situated on the infamous 100 feet road in Indiranagar is quite interesting when it comes to clubs in Bangalore. Also a part of the electronic music boom the city witnessed a few years ago, the space has a multi-level and floor gallery complete with tables and a great view of the console and DJ. The console in itself is elevated, giving one the feeling that he/she is at a concert, and has an intimidating sound system to boot. Loft 38 has seen the likes of Boris Brejcha, Dash Berlin, Hudson Mohawke, Tenishia, Kerrano, Arjun Vagale, BLOT!, Kohra and many more international and national names take centre stage!

With valet parking and excellent in-house service, Loft 38 is definitely the place you need to be if you really want a global experience.

Cafe Mojo

Presenting the new kid on the block - Cafe Mojo, the chain of bistro pubs and diners finally breaks ice in Bangalore after being well established in Mumbai and Goa. Situated in the heart of the city on St.Marks road, the cafe’s interiors are rather intimate, soulful and cosy, with the space conceptualized to give it a tropical touch. A far cry from the super-clubs  but in no way outdone, the likes of Zaeden, DJ Rohit Barker and Olly Esse have already set foot in a venue that has only been open for about six months. That’s not all, this bistro also hosts live music events and shindigs, the most notable one featuring none other than Carlton Braganza.

If you are looking for something fresh, young and just plain fun, Cafe Mojo is certainly where you need to be this weekend.

Koramangala Social

The idea behind Social is the perfect harmony between work and fun. Located at the second heart of Bangalore, Koramangala, this urban hangout has been a major draw for all the young working class and also the college crowd that is located around this venue. Koramangala Social still holds true to its roots that the other branches of this iconic club have adhered to over the years. Hosting artists such as Dualist Inquiry, Kohra, Praveen Achary, Karsh Kale and more, Koramanagala Social not only draws big crowds but also big names in the music industry. But then again that wouldn't be a surprise as after all it is KORAMANGALA SOCIAL!!

So gather your friends and make those plans, Clubbers is just a tap away!

By Clubbers Team